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To all the visitors of Sri Ram Temple, Clacton-on-Sea at 18 Coan Avenue, Clacton on Sea, Essex CO15 1BH.

This temple is one of its unique natures on this earth. As it was run by Shri Dhirajlal Harjivandas Karia and Smt Sushila Dhirajlal Karia since last 30 years from their own resources without collecting any donation, sum, grant etc. and since its inauguration on 9th May 1979 so far they have not collected any donation or offerings or receipt either in cash or in kind for the day to day running and other cost of this temple.

The ceremony of Pran-Prathista was performed over four days by priests specially invited from India. Pran-Prathista is a sacred religious ceremony performed continuously over 72 hours. This auspicious ceremony was attended by devotees from all over England and local people from a radius of 45 miles. People had heard about the forthcoming event through word-of-mouth and came to pay their respects. After the ceremony, on the fourth day, all the statues were taken to the sea front for a special ceremony in the sea.

Clacton based Shree Ram Mandir was started as a personal Mandir (a place which houses images of Hindu gods & goddesses used for worship) for the Karia’s family. However, after Pran-Prathista people who needed to worship and perform rituals of birth, marriage and death began to come to the Mandir. It continued to grow and became a focus for Hindu religious rituals and ceremonies of which there are many during the year. Shree Clacton Ram Mandir is the only Temple in Tendering, Colchester where all the Hindu religious ceremonies are celebrated and all the Hindu rituals from birth to death take place at this Temple.
• Karia’s family performs daily Puja (ceremony) as a part of daily puja, the deities' presence is honoured by washing each sculpture with water and other sacred substances, dressing it, and adorning it with flowers and powdered vermilion, a red dye and chandan made with saffron and sandal wood during worship, each devotee gives to the gods offerings of more flowers and fruit, early in the morning which takes approximately three hours (visit our prayer section).
• Midday Prasadam) and Hanuman Chalisa are offered to the Gods and Goddess.
• Gods and Goddess are offered fruits, nuts and Indian sweets at 4’oclock.
• In the evening, different prayers with Mantras and Chalisas followed by Prasadam and Aarti are performed which takes approximately about 40 minutes.
• At 10.00 pm daily puja ends Gods and Goddess are offered Shayan(Rest and Sleep).

Karia’s family had a live interview with Dave Monk on BBC Radio Essex on 27th May 2008, about Clacton Ram Mandir. Clacton temple was published on every National and Local news paper and broadcasted on BBC East and ITV London.

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